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Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week 2017

“Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service”

Please join All Saints in celebrating Catholic Schools Week 2017 from January 29 – February 4. This year’s theme is “Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service.”  We see the marvelous reality of how All Saints celebrates faith, knowledge, discipline, morals and service toward each other every day.  It is in the dedication, integrity and generosity of our Pastors, teachers, staff, administration, board members, parents, and all those who contribute to supporting All Saints.  It’s in the compassion of our students when they help one another or reach out to assist our less fortunate brothers and sisters.  It’s in the life-long values that our students will continue to embody long after they have left our doors.  Please share in our enthusiasm as we focus on the different aspects of how “Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service” adds to the spirituality across our Nation this week.
Celebrate #CSW17 on Social Media: Use the #CSW17 hashtag and join others celebrating Catholic Schools Week.
Daily Themes for CSW 2017 
(See newsletter below for detailed information on activities each day.)

Sunday, January 29: Catholic Schools Celebrate Our Parishes

Monday, January 30: Catholic Schools Celebrate Our Community and Our Nation

Tuesday, January 31: Catholic Schools Celebrate Our Grandparents

Wednesday, February 1: Catholic Schools Celebrate Our Students
Thursday, February 2: Catholic Schools Celebrate Our Religious
Friday, February 3: Catholic Schools Celebrate Our Faculty and Staff

Spiritual Bouquet: The Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary will be prayed each day of the week by all classes for the intentions of All Saints School, our Parishes, Priests, Deacons, Sisters and Seminarians as well as the theme of the day.  Our prayers will be that the world will be transformed through service and generosity in using our gifts from God.