Penguin Patch Santa Shop

We’re  so excited that our school will be participating in an in-school Penguin Patch® Holiday Shop to spread holiday cheer!

Penguin Patch® Holiday Shop is a fun way for students to shop for family members and experience the spirit of giving while learning to earn, budget, and save! Our shop will be open from November 29th- December 2nd. Be sure to send your child to school with their budget envelope and shopping list on their assigned shopping day. Students can shop with either cash or check. While your child is having fun shopping, you are also helping raise money for our school. A portion of the proceeds will go right back to All Saints.

Your child will have over 100 delightful gifts to choose from, all ranging in price from $0.50 to $12. This is an amazing opportunity to empower them to choose, purchase, and give gifts to their loved ones!  You can send either cash or a check made out to All Saints Catholic School on your child’s designated shopping day. Thank you for your support for this fun and exciting yearly tradition!


Merry Christmas,

Erika Ortiz and Melissa Yorty

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