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Lunch Account

All Saints Catholic School has partnered with to bring you an online service to prepay your student’s meal account.  This service offers you the ability to monitor your children’s meal purchases, track what your children have been eating for the past 30 days, make deposits directly into their meal accounts, transfer funds between students and have an email reminder sent to you when an account balance gets low.  Student debit account deposits can be made through ACH or Credit Card payments.  Each child’s account will be updated nightly so that account balance information and payments will be current the following day.

In order to take advantage of this service, you will need to create a parent account starting in August.

This requires you to:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Create Account” on the top menu bar.
  3. Fill in the required information on the “Parent Account Sign-Up page.”
  4. Choose <All Saints Catholic School> from the “School District” drop down menu.
  5. Create a User ID and Password
  6. Click the “Accept” box, and then click “Signup.” An email will be sent to your email address that will contain a “verification code.”

After you receive the “verification code” you may begin to add your children’s information. To do this, you will need to:

  1. Go to and login using your previously created user ID and password.
  2. Enter the “verification code” to verify your account and email address. 
  3. Begin adding your children’s information according to the guidelines provided. You will need each of your children’s student ID numbers to add each student. (ID # will be available in August).
  4. After the students are added you will be able to view the lunch account activity and make payments to the student lunch account.
  5. If you have 2 or more students assigned to your account, you may make a payment to each account and only be charged for one transaction.

Note: A parent account can be linked to many children, but a child can only be linked to one parent.

We urge you to take full advantage of this system by making deposits into your children’s accounts on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.  You are free to choose the amount of each deposit for meals and/or A la Carte items. There will be no cash accepted in the Dining Hall.

Note: There will be a per transaction convenience fee of $2.00 associated with each deposit.

Any money that is not spent by the end of the school year will be available the following school year.

ATTN NEW FAMILIES:  We will be using a biometric fingerprint identification system for identifying each student and their account.  This device converts the finger image into a numbered pattern that is then stored for future identification at the point-of-service.  This system is NOT associated with fingerprints.  It CANNOT be used to identify students by lifting fingerprints and comparing them with the digital finger image.  The fingerprint is NOT stored in the computer.  This is a positive identification system, only your child can access his/her accounts.

The Food Service Department will begin registering the image of your child’s index finger on Friday, August 10th after the new family orientation and again on Monday the 13th after early dismissal.  This will only have to be done once while your child is enrolled in the system.  The information stored on the FSS® Positive ID System is only for use by this software in the Food Service Department.  There are several layers of security built into this software and the school’s network.  This is a closed system and it is not accessible from the Internet.

If you do not want your child’s finger image to be taken, please put your request in writing and return directly to the School Office.         


Michelle Teta

Director of Food Services

*Questions regarding the should be directed to