Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals

Goal 1 – Catholic Identity

ASCS will continue to enhance its Catholic identity through the proclamation of Gospel values, increased prayer and worship opportunities, enhanced collaboration with parish clergy, and the initiation of grade-appropriate community service opportunities.

Goal 2 – Ownership/ Governance

ASCS will continue to clarify and communicate its governance structure by annually providing information to parents and other constituencies while growing and developing the School Advisory Council and committee members.

Goal 3 – Enrollment

ASCS will design and implement an updated comprehensive Enrollment Management Plan with components for student recruitment, admissions, and student retention and an overall goal of enrolling 500 students annually. 

Goal 4 – Curriculum

ASCS will continue to offer an exemplary and rigorous curriculum aligned to and exceeding the Catholic Identity National Standards and Diocesan Subject Area Standards while using information derived from various sources of data.  This data will drive best practices and differentiation to best serve the learning needs of every child.

Goal 5 – Technology

ASCS will continue to produce comprehensive long-range technology plans. These will be based upon the National Education Technology Standards (NETS) and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).  They will expand technology infrastructure to build 21st century classrooms which redefine learning and allow students to create new task previously inconceivable.

Goal 6 – Staffing

ASCS will continue to attract and retain highly qualified faculty and staff committed to individualized instruction and best practices, while integrating Catholic values across all subject areas.  This will be enhanced by teacher-driven goal setting and professional development opportunities driven by student success and competitive compensation.

Goal 7 – Facilities

ASCS will develop and implement a master facilities plan that addresses and prioritizes current and future space utilization, maintenance, capital improvements, safety, and security.

Goal 8 – Finances

ASCS will continue to develop and implement a long-range financial plan that ensures balanced budgets and provides for the implementation of strategic priorities and maximizes institutional income.

Goal 9 – Development/ Public Relations

ASCS will design and implement a comprehensive development plan with components for communication, marketing, annual giving, and planned giving for endowment growth.

Goal 10 – School in Community

ASCS will enhance its presence in the local community through the initiation of Community Service and by providing opportunities for individuals to visit the school in conjunction with technology workshops and other programs.