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Principal's Letter

Dear All Saints Families, 

Happy summer to all our new and returning families!  I hope you are enjoying the summer and taking time for faith, love, family, and rest.  In approximately one month, we will have our back-to-school orientation on Friday, August 9, 2019.  I wanted to take this time to give you some information and mail some important paperwork home.  In the past, we tried very hard to be paperless, putting more information on our website.  We continue to mail this summer mini-packet home for your convenience, but ask that you become familiar with our Website and refer to it for further back-to-school information as well as continuous updated information throughout the year. 

This year we welcome Mrs. Gina Thompson, as our new middle school Math teacher, Mr. Denario Kelly as our new middle school English Language Arts teacher, and Mrs. Meghan Mauch as a new Resource instructor and Mrs. Natalie LaFleur as the new middle school Religion teacher and school faith coordinator.  Within the school, there were a few moves with Mrs. Adriana Fleming as the new Pre-Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Colleen Head moving to share English Language Arts in fourth and fifth grade with Mrs. Karen Thomas, Mrs. Patricia Taketani moving to the first grade as the Assistant, and Mrs. Nancy Morstadt moving to the third grade as the Assistant. 

We are excited to begin a great school year as we continue to use the knowledge gained through professional training in curriculum, data analysis, educational technology, and differentiation, to better serve all our students.  With the addition of another resource person, our ability to assist all learners will be enhanced.  With her background in enrichment, Mrs. JinJoo Berndt will now be more available to serve our upper students, while the remainder of the resource team will concentrate on helping all students reach their grade level mastery and beyond. We will be implementing a GROW hour weekly in Kindergarten through eighth grades to allow for individualized learning.  By using data and technology, the resource teachers and the classroom teachers will help fill learning gaps and challenge every student where he/she is ready to learn in Math, Reading, and Writing. We will continue to build upon the Sadlier Virtues and Sanford Harmony to help build faith, community, and encourage cohesiveness.

Once again, things are busy in the summer.  Besides painting, cleaning rugs, and general maintenance, the school is a flurry of activity.  We had an alumni student, Ms. Adriana Piland, complete a beautiful mural in the cafeteria depicting an angel with her wings being built of the virtues we instill in our children every day.  Thank you Ms. Piland. As was announced at the end of the year, our new field is underway.  As expected, the plans are now submitted for permit approval to the Town of Jupiter.  We hope this process and time are not too lengthy.  We are still campaigning to bring in additional funds to purchase the scoreboard, bleachers, and items to beautify the entire back area. Stay tuned for further information.

In hopes of becoming a more green school, we have attached in this email those forms we agree are critical for all families to receive early.  All these forms can also be found on our website, , under News and appropriate sections.  These forms should be returned on the Friday, August 9, supply pick-up day.  Just a reminder that all students (except incoming Pre-Kindergarten) are expected to complete both math and reading summer assignments before the start of school.  See our website’s main page for the details of each grade level assignment.

Enjoy the remainder of your summer and God bless.

Yours in Christ,

Mrs. Jill Broz, Principal