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Capital Campaign: Vision 2020

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This journey of building a new field began several years ago.  It was recognized my first year at All Saints, almost six years ago, that  we had drainage, irrigation and mole problems on the field. Through the help of the past Home School Association, HSA, approximately $20,000 was made available to bring in soil to level the playing field and sod to help rejuvenate the field.  Within a year, the moles were a greater problem and the field began to show settling areas. Despite all this work two years ago, our fields were a mess during our lacrosse season and we had to have practices and games at other fields for safety. At that time, it was evident that something had to be done. But why spend money on this area of our school?
All Saints Catholic School is dedicated to providing all students with a nurturing learning environment reflecting the Gospel values and the teaching and traditions of our faith. All Saints is committed to educating the whole child – the spirit, mind, and body.  Success in the whole child education is made possible by high academic standards, highly skilled faculty, 21st century technology, mind-set of service, exposure to the arts, and a strong athletic program, all in a safe environment.  The school prepares children for today, the future, and beyond. As our school continues to improve in all aspect of education, we identified a need for field renovations.   The Jupiter community is one with great participation in competitive sports. Our athletic program is unable to reach its full potential because of the field conditions.  The proposed field renovations are necessary to improve field safety, expand the athletic program, increase student physical well-being, and to enhance the marketing and enrollment  The new field along, with the other school’s strengths, will most definitely move All Saints Catholic School to greater excellence in education.  Now this journey towards field enhancement matches our mission. 

The HSA and the school administration began the process by debating between a natural turf and artificial turf.  Both are wonderful options.  The natural turf has a lower initial cost of installation, but a higher cost of yearly maintenance.  In addition, irrigation is critical and a potential extended power outage due to a hurricane could result in a troubled field fairly quickly.  Further, there still exists the problems of the moles.  An artificial turf has a much higher initial cost, but a lower yearly maintenance cost.  Finally, moles cannot borrow through the layers of aggregate and infill.  We also did our research on the safety of artificial.  Unlike fields in the past, there are new products used which are safe from a health perspective. Further, research has discovered that artificial turfs, with the layers of infill, result in a safer field to reduce injuries.  For the above reasons the Pastors, HSA Board members, and the Administration decided upon the artificial turf.

Our next step was to research numerous turf companies to obtain comparable bids.  This was a long process as a full soil profile survey had to be done to understand the foundation on which this field was to be built.  Mr. Mike Hayes, a former parent with Coastal Synthetic Turf, searched several companies separately to get the best price for us.  It was during this time that we were introduced to LTG Sports Turf One and asked for a bid.  This premier company has been in the field business for 20 years.  They have built fields for FIU, North Broward Preparatory School Baseball field, Oxbridge Academy Football Field, and FAU practice fields, to name a few. They are also the company who built Cardinal Newman’s baseball field.  It is one company that does it all and for one of the best prices we could find. 

I would like to thank our Home School Association Boards who have taken this journey with the school.  Our past Presidents, Ms. Donna Krusbe and Mrs. Ani Battifarano, and our present President, Mrs. Sarah Walthall have been vital to this project.  Words cannot express the dedication of these two boards and Presidents for the success of this project.

Also happening at this time, fundraising began. All Saints Catholic School has never done a Capital Campaign other than the school’s inception 17 years ago. We truly started this journey a little backwards.  The 2017 auction raised money for the field during its Call to the Heart.  This event raised over $25,000 plus an anonymous donation of an additional $25,000.  However, it was clear we had a much larger amount to collect.  The Pastors, HSA Board, and Administration hired Ms. Terry Lee Kaly of TK Fundraising Associates as a consultant.  She helped us forge ahead with an appropriate campaign beginning with a feasibility study and the private portion of the campaign. 

Mrs. MaryLynn Magar and her husband Mr. Robert Stilley, past parents and board members, agreed to be the chairpersons of the silent portion of this campaign.  We thank them so much for their dedication to this portion of the fundraising.  Mrs. Magar is an active member of the state legislation holding critical positions in Tallahassee and is still part of this campaign.

We are now moving into the public portion of the campaign and we wish to let our community know where we are and where we are headed.  I am so happy to state that the Diocese has approved the scope of work and cost of the project.  We are now in contract signing time.  We are also so proud to announce who will be partnering with us in this next step of the journey.  We welcome Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Gusmano and now Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Lomangino as the chairpersons of the public portion of our capital campaign.  We know they are developing their team as we speak and will be so thrilled to have people join this committee.

The big news we want to unveil to our families is where we are now in terms of finances.  The attached documents below outlines  we have raised in actual funds or commitments of funds a total of $528,418 for this project.  Also attached is the cost of the project including all the extras that are needed to truly make our back area an outstanding area for athletics and play. We need approximately $150,000 to complete the artificial turf field and make the back area improvements in total.

We are confident and excited that this project is a soon-to-be reality project.  We are almost there.  We have great confidence in our community in making this a reality.

Join us on Wednesday, May 8 from 6 - 8 pm for a Vision 2020 event. Leading our charge to make this a success are Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gusmano.  They, along with the Lomangino Family, are opening their home on Wednesday, May 8 from 6pm - 8pm and invite all to attend and share ideas and discussion on this important and exciting project. Please RSVP to Karmita Gusmano at 954-709-9862 and we look forward to seeing you there - all are welcome and encouraged to attend!  Please see invite below for more information.