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All Saints Catholic School is under the guidance and supervision of the Diocese of Palm Beach Office of Schools.  As a Diocese, all schools are required to follow an established curriculum and are held accountable to said curriculum.  Presently, all Palm Beach Diocesan Catholic schools follow the Palm Beach Diocese Integrated Curriculum, which incorporates the National Catholic Standards and Benchmarks, National Education Standards, Revised Sunshine State Standards and some National Common Core Standards.  

Each year, the superintendent, assistance superintendent, administrators, and teachers meet to fine tune and review our curriculum and to evaluate learning tools which enhance student mastery of the standards and benchmarks. All Saints Catholic School is fully involved in this review and evaluation process.

All Saints Catholic School is committed to providing a strong curriculum that allows our graduates to excel academically, spiritually, and socially, in high school, college, and beyond.  The curriculum has been developed and is implemented to allow our students to be creative and independent thinkers while integrating our Catholic values. The curriculum provides opportunities for students to learn and value a sense of community, national, as well as a global perspective. We are committed to the development of faith-filled, responsible, and contributing members of the tomorrow. 

All students in grades PK-8 take core curriculum classes consisting of English Language Arts (reading, writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary), math, science, social studies, and religion.  These core areas are extended and connected in specials classes.  Students attend art, music, physical education, media, and computer classes weekly.