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Emergency Procedures

The Emergency Plan has been developed as mandated by the diocese. Various community resources, such as fire and police departments and the Office of Emergency Preparedness, have been consulted in the course of developing these procedures. Specific personnel assignments have been made, equipment has been procured, the school’s emergency fire plan and evacuation areas have been developed. Parents should note the following particulars:

  • Principal or designee will give emergency code over the intercom and sound an alarm.  if an emergency occurs. If necessary, faculty and staff will evacuate children by class groups to fire drill areas on school grounds or to more distant staging areas. Choice of staging area will be determined by the nature of the emergency.
  • If evacuation beyond school grounds is necessary, children will walk (possibly upper grades will walk with lower grades on a one-to-one basis) to the appropriate staging area. Principal or designee will use our FACTS  Emergency Parent Alert system. If possible, signs indicating location of staging areas will also be posted at front entrances to the school. DO NOT COME TO THE SCHOOL OR PICK UP YOUR CHILD ON ROUTE. 
  • School will not be dismissed in the event of severe thunderstorms because of the danger of lightning.
  • In the event of a tornado warning (weather radio will operate continuously on school premises), students will be sheltered within the interior hallways. During this time pick up of students will be prohibited.  Parents may seek shelter within the school building. 
  • If a gas spill occurs, do NOT attempt to pick up your children by car or other motorized vehicle, as gas is highly explosive. Everyone must walk to evacuate. 
  • If a bomb threat occurs, no one will be permitted to enter the school building. Everyone will evacuate immediately. Cars will not be permitted to drive in and out of the school driveways and parking lots while a bomb threat exists. Do not use cellular phones as they could possibly detonate the bomb.

In all emergencies:

  • Parents are requested to REMAIN CALM, especially in the event of an emergency requiring pick-up of children at an evacuation area other than the school grounds. Please follow all directives of the police, fire department, principal, faculty, and staff in order to protect the safety of your child(ren). Do not interfere with the general evacuation procedure in order to remove your own child or children. Remember that necessary emergency information will be emailed, texted, and called (via phone). 
  • In the event we must move the children, it will depend on the location of an emergency, as to whether we go north, south, east or west.