Education Sponsorship

Due to numerous parent requests, All Saints Catholic School offers to our families the opportunity to sponsor your child's grade level or special areas of education. In past we had sponsorship for single classrooms, but we are adapting this sponsorship to be more equitable and allow resources to be purchased for an entire level. For example, our elementary classes wish to enlarge their leveled readers' library. These funds would allow such an investment for  the entire level (Pre-K to 2nd), rather than one classroom or teacher. The "Education Sponsorship" is for learning resources only in the grade levels and will enhance the classroom resources and activities. There is a tiered sponsorship: Silver Level - $250, Blue Level - $150, and Eagles' Club - $100. Your gift is fully tax-deductible and as a result of your generosity, you will be recognized.

To participate in this program, complete the form at the bottom of this page of this announcement and return with your check to the school office. Checks should be written to All Saints Catholic School.