Dining Hall

Maschios Food Services
Maschio’s Food Services Incorporated is our third party food vendor.  This company began in New York and New Jersey and has specialized in the smaller private schools.  Their commitment to fresh and healthy foods is outstanding.  They are also able to bring us great options for a reasonable price. Please see the letter below and visit https://maschiofood.com/allsaintsjupiter/.
Did you know your child’s school lunch includes a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grain-rich foods? Maschio’s school lunches have less saturated fat and sodium than other lunches and contain zero trans fat. Their meal portions are designed for your child’s age and we offer a wide variety of healthy options like fat-free and low-fat milk. They take great pride in being able to offer your children healthier food choices so that they can fuel their bodies to get them through the school day and beyond!
  • Menu’s are available by using the school Nutrislice website at https://allsaintsjupiter.nutrislice.com/
  • Register for online payment account: https://payschoolscentral.com 
  • Cash and check payments are also accepted for meals. For checks, please include your payment form and make check payable to Maschio's Food Services, Inc.
  • Student Lunch Cost: $6.00
  • Lunch Begins August 10, 2023
  • All lunches include *grains/breads, meat/meat alternative, fruit/juice/vegetable, and refreshing milk. Students must choose at least 3 items. Make sure 1 is a fruit, 100% fruit juice, or vegetable!


You can easily view information about what is on the menu each day.
Mobile App Available on Google Play or app Store; Search for Nutrislice

Pay & Order Lunch

  • All Saints uses a computerized point of sale system that allows students to purchase their meals and snacks.
  • Parents are able to make payments online and may pay in advance for purchases.
  • All students will be issued a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which corresponds to their food service account. PIN numbers should be kept confidential.
How to Register for an Online Account
  • Log on to https://payschoolscentral.com/ 
  • Select the “Register” option
  • The screens will guide you through the process to establish your account.
Questions? Contact [email protected] or (908) 421-9824.