All Saints Catholic School exists as a living example of a Catholic community in action committed to the education, development, and spiritual formation of students.  Its purpose is to proclaim Christ as life's center while giving in service to all.  Within the context of the Gospels and the teachings of the Catholic Church, All Saints Catholic School is called to:

  • Faithfully teach Catholic values, nurture in its students an abiding love of the Catholic faith, and prepare each to take their place as the Church leaders of tomorrow;
  • Fulfill the academic needs of individual students which will encourage and enable each student to reach maximum educational potential while nurturing a sense of responsibility to develop God given gifts to their fullest;
  • Develop a sense of community through joyful worship, service, and prayer as is exhibited in our Catholic traditions; and
  • Proclaim the Gospel message of love, hope, and peace by making life choices which advance the social justice teachings of the Catholic Church.