Differentiated Learning

Students learn in many different ways; some may need more support for their learning, while others may need enrichment and more challenging approaches.  All Saints strives to meet the needs of all our learners through a variety of methods and resources.  Our dedicated and experienced teachers and support staff work collaboratively to help our students become successful life-long learners.  

Our curriculum is supportive of student needs and we challenge all of our students in their learning; however, some of our students’ learning requires an even more challenging approach.  For these students, we provide opportunities for enrichment through participation in math and/or ELA enrichment groups.  In addition to our classroom teachers, we have a full-time enrichment resource teacher who works with these students in small groups on a scheduled basis, providing them with challenging activities/projects to enhance learning.  We also offer advanced math courses for our students who qualify in grades five through eight.

As with all things in life and learning, we all have strengths as well as areas in which we would like to improve, often with practice and support from others.  For our students who require more support and practice to develop and progress in their learning, we have resources and support staff in place to meet those needs.  Our resource staff consists of two full-time ESE certified and Orton-Gillingham trained teacher, a full-time gifted endorsed enrichment teacher, and a part-time reading instruction certified resource teacher.  These teachers work with small groups of students on both a push-in and pull-out basis depending on the needs of the students.  Our teachers and resource staff use a variety of methods and resources to help these students become successful and progress in their learning, including the use of technology, small group instruction, and remediation in areas of need.  

In addition to our teachers, resource, and support staff, All Saints’ eligible students can receive additional reading and/or math services from a highly qualified certified teacher through Title I funding.  Additionally, funding through Title II allows our teachers to attend many professional development sessions and trainings throughout the year which allow them to remain current with best practices that help support our students’ learning and engagement.

All Saints is dedicated to the success of all of our students; teachers, resource, and support staff work collaboratively to help differentiate learning and provide students with a variety of resources and support for this success.