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The All Saints Catholic School Progressive Discipline Plan provides behavioral expectations and procedures to ensure a safe and caring environment for all our students and staff. All Saints will maintain a firm, fair, and consistent system for handling behavioral infractions. 

The overriding virtue binding the All Saints community should be genuine love, concern, and respect for one another. A student who demonstrates a disregard for others will hinder the growth of the community, and consequently, will be held accountable. One of the most important lessons each young person must learn is that actions have consequences. Expectations are enforced to serve the greater good of both the school community and the individual student. Students are best served by being challenged to a higher sense of maturity, responsibility, and accountability. A primary responsibility of the administration is to maintain an environment that reflects Christian values, is conducive to learning, and is safe for all students and teachers. 

Specific Regulations

  • Students go quietly at the change of classes. Books are carried from room to room.  Interruptions will not be tolerated if books or equipment are left behind.
  • No disruptions by talking among students or calling out during class time.
  • Courtesy is shown to teachers, persons who assist at school, fellow students and guests.
  • School property is not to be defaced. This includes marking the buildings, breaking furniture, etc. If damage is done to property, payment is expected.
  • Students may not re-enter the classroom after lunch or after school unless the teacher is present.
  • Violent acts, statements, threats or innuendos will not be tolerated.

The correction of a student may take the form of conferences, classroom consequences, detentions for minor infractions and demerits, conduct referrals or a suspension for more serious violations. Repeated disciplinary issues and/or significant infractions may result in required withdrawal or expulsion. The disciplinary policies and procedures are set forth in the All Saints Catholic School Progressive Discipline Plan to provide guidelines that All Saints Catholic School may, in its discretion, employ in regulating student conduct.  They do not however limit the school’s right to freely and fully exercise any and all disciplinary measures, with or without prior notice or warning, including expulsion from school in the sole discretion of the school administration.