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Running Club

Running Club time!   

Begins Tuesday, October 22

Things you should know:
  1. $20 fee to register. Checks made out to ASCS and submitted before your child's 1st day.
  2. Fill out the below form to register your child for the ASCS Running Club:
  3. First after school date --- Tuesday, October 22 - 2:55 pm until 3:45 pm
  4. Students that dismiss earlier than 2:55 pm will wait quietly in the lobby until my arrival to collect them all.
  5. Dismissal is from the West gate on the West side of the gym. Once the kids have their cool down AND receive their benchmark prize (if they reached a benchmark) then I will begin the dismissal process. Parents are NOT allowed to walk in, jump fences or squeeze into locked gates. Please understand this. Please wait outside the gate for me to send your child to you. Early dismissals are not allowed since my attention needs to be on the kids running.
  6. Attire: Please make sure the students have sneakers on. It would be lovely if they all had their PE clothes on so they don't dirty their everyday school clothes but I understand that could be challenging. No sneakers= No running
  7. When can my child come? On a normal Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, they can walk, jog or run to reach the ultimate goal of 104.8 miles. This amount is 4 marathons. If they can only attend on Tuesday's then awesome! If they can only come 2 days a week, even better! After each marathon reached, your child will be rewarded for their accomplishments and learn to strive for more.
  8. What happens on a normal day? They will get picked up by me and head outside. Their bags will go by my PE office on the cemented area. They will grab their ID card. We will stretch together and then they will follow the course marked by spray paint around our backyard. Once 30 minutes (or so) are completed, I will signal them to finish their lap. I will collect all ID cards. When they have reached a milestone, they will receive their prize the next day that they attend. (Not during school)
  9. Please put your child's name on their water bottle and belongings. This helps me return found items.
  10. Teachers: please keep all Prek-3 grade in their "holding room" until 2:55. Students are NOT allowed to change until this time. Once they are under my supervision then they can put their bags outside and change if they need to. Grades 4-5, will STAY WITH their teachers in the lobby until 2:55 when I get them. At that time, they can put their bags outside and change if they need to. Same goes for middle school.
  11. At no point, for safety reasons, should an exit door be propped open. All staff and parents, please be vigilant in not allowing individuals that are not officially cleared by the dioceses into our school. See you then!
  12. Run Club will not be held on early dismissal days.
Please contact Coach Quatrale with questions at [email protected].