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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is a way to prepare students for a society full of appropriate and responsible technology use.  It includes the understanding and practicing of safe and ethical online behavior and technology use.  It is vital that students stay safe and make good choices online.  

The digital citizenship curriculum provides comprehensive instruction on online safety, cyberbullying, and the ethical use of digital resources as listed below.  
Online safety helps students understand...
  • their digital footprints; 
  • the risks of revealing personal information online; and 
  • how to use website and software privacy tools.  
Cyberbullying helps students...
  • identify cyberbullying; 
  • exhibit proper responses to cyberbullying;
  • reduce the likelihood of being a target; and 
  • guides students on prevention strategies.  
Ethical use of digital resources helps students understand...
  • intellectual property;
  • copyright, public domain and plagiarism;
  • proper citations; and
  • website information validation.

From the Netsmartz Newsletter


5 Things Teens Should Do

During National Cybersecurity Month

October is National Cybersecurity Month. This is a great time to encourage teens to take steps to better protect themselves and their devices. Here are 5 things they should do to start:
  1. Change their passwords. Remind them to change passwords often, make them easy to remember but not easy to guess, and to keep them private (no sharing with friends!).
  2. Edit privacy settings on all of their social media sites and apps so only people they have approved can see what they post.
  3. Check for software updates on their computers and mobile devices. If they're not using the most current version, they might be missing out on some important security fixes.
  4. Find the reporting features on the sites and apps they use so they know how to report spam and potential scams.
  5. Check the location settings on their smartphones. They should turn off GPS for any apps that don't really need it.