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Extra Help

Teachers will be offering extra help sessions in each of their academic areas this year. Please see the schedule below and encourage your student to come to a session and ask questions if he or she is struggling with a particular concept or assignment.

Students who play sports are encouraged to realize the importance of academics, and should avail themselves of this assistance.  He or she will be given a pass by the teacher that will allow them to be late for practice. 

Please note that math students can receive help at any of the math sessions with any of the math teachers, even though the session may not be run by his/her teacher. The same is true for ELA.  Other dates and times may be arranged by appointment.  Please contact the individual teacher. 

2020-2021 Schedule TBD

(Days and times are subject to change throughout the school year)

Pre-K - Mrs. Fleming (Room 102):

Pre-K - Mrs. Daniels (Room 101):

Kindergarten - Mrs. Legal (Room 104): 

Kindergarten - Mrs. Massee (Room 106): 

Grade 1 - Mrs. Derringer (Room 105): 

Grade 1 - Mrs. Connolly (Room 108): 

Grade 2 (Math) - Mrs. Bocchino (Room 109):

Grade 2 (ELA) - Mrs. Pryor (Room 107):

Grade 3 - Mrs. Humes (Room 113):

Grade 3 - Miss Hoyt (Room 115):

Grade 4 (ELA/SS) - Ms. Head (Room 202):

Grade 4 (Math/Science) - Ms. Miller (Room 203):

Grade 5 (ELA/Science) - Mrs. Thomas (Room 206): 

Grade 5 (ELA/SS) - Mrs. Bertoni (Room 208): 

Grade 5 (Math) - Mrs. Chetalo (Room 204): 

Middle School ELA - Mrs. Charlton (Room 215):

Middle School ELA - Mr. Kelly (Room 212): 

Middle School Math - Mrs. Townsend (Room 209):

Middle School Math - Mrs. Heater (Room 216):

Middle School Math - Mr. Cunjak (Room 210):

Middle School Religion - Mrs. Aitken (Room 213): 

Middle School Science - Mrs. Collado (Room 218): 

Middle School Social Studies - Ms. Bastien (Room 214):

Spanish Grades 6-8 - Mr. King, Mrs. Townsend, & Mrs. Uible (Room TBD):