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Volunteer Procedures

Please read below and click on the pages to the right for information on volunteer opportunities, general volunteer information concerning Protecting God’s Children, Fingerprinting, and Code of Pastoral Conduct.  

Recognizing that each individual is created by God, the Diocese of Palm Beach is committed to the safety and well-being of its children and implements procedures to minimize risk and barriers to build and foster a culture of safe environment.  In working towards a safe environment, every employee or volunteer within our schools must complete the following:

  1. Background Screening through the Diocese;
  2. Read and sign the Code of Pastoral Conduct of Palm Beach; and
  3. Attend a Protecting God’s Children Virtus training

These requirements do take some time to complete.  In the past, parents are often frustrated in their attempts to volunteer, only to find out they do not have clearance.  In order to alleviate this frustration and ensure proper protocols, we are offering many different ways to complete the procedures.  It is our strong recommendation that all parents who want to volunteer and need to complete the above procedures do so before September 18th, 2016 so that there are no issues or rushed concerns during the year. In order to help parents complete the procedures, the following opportunities have been put into place:

  1. Fingerprinting - Please obtain a pre-authorization form from the office and you will be directed to make an appointment.  You must also preregister online in the Background Screening section of the Office of Safe Environments at the Diocese of Palm Beach.
  2. Read and sign the Code of Pastoral Conduct found on online at Office of Safe Environments at the Diocese of Palm Beach or on the Volunteer section of our website.
  3. All Saints occasionally hosts a Protecting God’s Children Virtus training for anyone interested in volunteering at the school.  It is a Diocesan requirement that anyone who works or volunteers with children must attend one of these workshops, be fingerprinted, and sign a Pastoral Code of Conduct. All information regarding volunteer requirements will be given out at the meeting. 
  4. If you are unable to complete the training at school when offered, please check online in the Virtus section of the Office of Safe Environments at the Diocese of Palm Beach and register for another location and time. 
Every adult who wishes to volunteer in any capacity at the school must complete the above procedures before beginning to volunteer.  Mrs. Patty Rabideau will oversee volunteers for all events.