Welcome to the All Saints School Guidance Program!

The mission of the All Saints School Guidance Program is to maximize every student's academic, social and personal potential in order to  become responsible adults and life long learners.   
What is a school counselor?
A school guidance counselor is someone who listens to you and helps you solve problems you may have with family, friends and others.   Counselors also teach important life skills and can help students learn about themselves.  School guidance counselors provide academic support and advisement,  parent education, classroom lessons in personal growth and development and individual and group counseling.
Individual Counseling
Assistance is provided to some students who many need help overcoming social or personal issues that interfere with academic success.   Parent permission is required.  
Group Counseling
Support groups are provided for groups of students who share common concerns which may include divorce, loss, friendship and/or other social issues.  Parent permission is required.  
Classroom Guidance
Throughout the school year,  guidance lessons can help students succeed academically and promote positive social peer interactions.  Lessons include bullying, self esteem, character education, empathy/feelings, personal and online safety.   
How can a student see the counselor?  
Students can tell their teacher that they would like to see the counselor.   Students can also be referred by their parents or teachers.   
Students are told that what they tell the counselor will be kept private unless they disclose that they are planning to harm themselves or others or that they have been abused or neglected.   In such circumstances, students are told that counselors are by law mandated reporters and are required to report information to parents and/or appropriate state or local authorities. 
Mrs. Pomerantz received her Masters Degree in Social Work, with an emphasis on mental health and psychotherapy from Smith College.   She has been a staff member at All Saints School since 2003.   Mrs. Pomerantz can be reached Monday- Friday by calling 748-8994 or
Mrs. Pomerantz
All Saints Catholic School Guidance Counselor